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An eclectic, caustic collection, DAD IS BAD sees the boys ditching their usual slapdash songwriting approach to deliver eight tight, devious tunes. Populated by lonely bots, bemused prisoners, slippery southerners, and internet trolls with hearts of gold, among other pariahs, DAD IS BAD is hellish, funny, and, in places, horribly moving. Call it crumbling world music.

As on their debut album, Budokan Boys continue to steadfastly avoid tradition or easy categorization on DAD IS BAD. As they explore the darker, more mysterious corners of modern pop music, they keep producing more and more disarming and exciting results.

Dad is Bad is an album that captures the moment when we realize the concepts to which we previously subscribed are almost entirely meaningless. The freedoms of the now, and the connection with like-minded people carry the highest value. This is an album the world needs, but most likely doesn’t deserve. It’s stunning, and most of us aren’t worthy. But holy shit – it makes our wobbling path around the sun something special.

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