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Jeff T Byrd is a composer, performer and sound artist based in Vienna. Trained on piano and saxophone, his works employ free improvisation, extensive sampling and collage techniques, field recording and playful experimentation. He performs and releases music under his own name and with Budokan Boys. He is also a member of SPROING, a free-improvised music collective in Vienna. His soundtrack work can be heard on NPR’s White Lies.

On his first solo release, an upright piano becomes a portal to a parallel dimension. Lamb Alley, a moody and atmospheric work, explores the strange and unfamiliar spaces, both physical and emotional, of his home in Vienna, Austria.

It’s a magnificent portrait of the experience of relocating oneself, and the dizziness and surprise round every corner. Nervousness and wonder creep in, and you can find yourself in a state where even the creak of a floorboard or echo of a distant door can seem imbued with mystery.

On Nighty Night, his second album, Byrd revisits people and places from his past, collaging old tape recordings with new improvisations and field recordings into a textured, intuitive work that exists somewhere between autobiography and dream.

Budokan Boys is the long-running duo project of Jeff T Byrd and writer/singer Michael Jeffrey Lee. Their fierce and darkly-comic live shows combine off-kilter electronics, bizarre narratives, seedy saxophones and squealing slide guitar.

Byrd shows himself capable of writing queasily memorable hooks, and hiding them inside a very crooked kind of pop music.

SPROING is an improvised music collective whose spontaneous sonic creations are a convergence (or a collision) of the diverse backgrounds of its members, who began life in five different countries (Russia, Germany, Austria, UK, USA), before fatefully arriving in Vienna and coming together as a group in 2023. Using an internal microphone system and a bank of effects units, Byrd’s tenor saxophone playing undergoes extraordinary tonal transformations.